Parking Lot & Hug n Go

We have two lanes going in the same direction. The right lane is for drop off and pick up only. The left lane is to drive through, past the cars stopped in the drop off zones. In order to have drop off go smoothly we need to have cars pull up as far as possible. Please use both lanes all the way to the gym/kitchen as space allows in the drop off zone. Pulling all the way forward to the kitchen really helps keep traffic moving! Once you stop in the drop off zone please continue to pull forward unless you are in the process of actually loading or unloading. Having students be ready is very helpful! Once you are completed with drop off, pull into the left lane to exit the lot. We must have you stay in your car while in these lanes or else we will have traffic back up onto 76th Ave. Please do not use the left lane to pick up and drop off, it is for through traffic only and is very dangerous! Additionally, please do not drop your child off in the other lanes of the parking lot to walk to the crosswalk - this is also very dangerous. Once cars get past the building on the north end, both lanes are used to exit the lot so please do not plan to drop your child off in that area!

As always we need to think safety first. Students should only walk through the parking lot attended by an adult as our little ones are hard to see. Older students need to model this for our younger ones or they too will try to cross without help. We appreciate your patience in driving very slowly, and in constantly being alert to students walking by or cars that may pull out. Of course, you may want to pick up your students along 76th Ave. and not have to enter the parking lot. This is an especially good option for our older students. Please go over crosswalk and other safety rules with your child and by working together we will help keep our students safe!

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